Patients can be referred to Generations via fax, phone, or in person.

Initial Intake

Our reception staff will complete an Intake Form with the patient's basic demographic information, the referring physician and PCP, and the referral reason. Insurance information will also be collected at this time and reviewed to insure that it is current and the services are covered, as well as to determine whether or not a preauthorization is required.

Required Records

At the time of the referral, we request that certain records be available to us, including the last two office visit notes, recent labs, current medication list, active problem list, brain neuroimaging reports, cognitive evaluations, and any copies of DPOA for Healthcare or guardianship.

Neuropsychology Only Referrals

If a referral is received for neuropsychological testing only, the referral must be from a psychiatrist or neurologist, or the patient must be scheduled for an initial appointment with a provider on our Psychiatry Team.


New patients require a referral from a doctor or other healthcare provider (e.g., nurse practitioner).  If you are interested in receiving care from us, we encourage you to talk with your PCP and ask for a referral to our practice.  Every referral is screened by our intake clinician.
We specialize in the care of adults age 65 and older with psychiatric issues and/or memory problems.  We make exceptions to our age criteria when an individual either needs assessment for a possible memory disorder or requires treatment for a diagnosed memory disorder.  We believe other practioners in our community have the clinical knowledge to more effectively care for individuals with substance use disorders and therefore do not accept patients with this as their primary issue.

Phone Call

The person identified on the Intake Sheet will be contacted for more information, including the reason for wanting the appointment. We may ask for a Release of Information from the patient to request records from other providers, as necessary. If the referral is appropriate, the appointment can be scheduled.


The patient/family will be asked to complete a self-assessment questionnaire that will be sent to them and which they should bring with them to the appointment. We do expect that the patient will have someone accompany them to the appointment to provide collateral information. When the patient arrives for the appointment, he/she will be asked to sign a consent for services.
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